Tips to keep your garments impeccable at all times

  • Wash whites and light colours separately from bright or dark colours.
  • Natural fabrics such as wool, linen and silk shrink when washed at high temperatures and lose their shape if spun dry or hung vertically. Artificial and synthetic fabrics should be washed in warm water and ironed inside-out at low temperatures. Denim should always be washed inside-out at 40ÂșC maximum.
  • Do not overload the washing machine. With excess loads, clothing may not be sufficiently clean.
  • We recommend the use of neutral detergents because they contain fewer whitening agents.
  • Wash your garments inside-out and preferably with a liquid detergent and not a powder or solid detergent.
  • Use the detergent and fabric softener with moderation. If you add too much, stains may appear on the garments.
  • High temperatures are always harmful to fabrics.
  • When drying your clothes outside, avoid direct sunlight.
  • When ironing, always start with a lower temperature. In the case of dark colours, iron inside-out or when slightly damp.